Photobook: Château De Versailles

Marble statues, colorful apartments, beautiful frescos, vibrant gardens, glittering gold walls . . . what doesn’t the Château de Versailles have? First constructed in the 11th century, taking a step into Versailles is like traveling back in time. The home of Louis XIV, or better known as the Sun King, is just as gaudy and amazing as anyone can expect. As my roommate in Paris said, “it’s so ostentatious, no wonder the French rebelled.”

Take a look.

















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7 thoughts on “Photobook: Château De Versailles

  1. Yesss Versailles is everything!!! ❤ I know it's completely over the top but I just love it so much… the amazing gates, ornate rooms, and beautiful gardens! Did you visit the Princesses' palace quarters? If I remember correctly it's off to the side a bit, but they were my favorite… I could totally live there 😀


  2. No! Was that on the ground floor? I think we missed that. I wanted to see Marie Antionette’s estate, but it wasn’t a great day and it started pouring right when we made it to the first pond in the gardens. We had to hide in a cafe and buy overpriced espressos, but it didn’t stop. Oh well, I’ll just have to go back someday I guess!

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  3. I think so! It was off to the side a bit… definitely go back to enjoy Marie Antoinette’s farm scene to get the full effect haha! And while you’re at it stop by the Princesses’ palaces 🙂

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  4. I know that intellectually, and feel it in my heart, but I still want my 20-year-old skin and boobs back. Even the 40 year old boobs would be OK. But seriously foy20&#8k3s;lou’re right. Great line – “to live wide open right now.” Sometimes I need to remind myself of this.


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