Clink78: London

London is an amazing city, so it’s only right that you should find an amazing hostel.

Clink78 has history – it’s a restored courthouse where Charles Dickens once worked. The Clash stood trial in the main courtroom that is now a lounge complete with a witness stand and judge’s chair. Once I read that, I knew I had to stay there.

It’s certainly eccentric, with traveling quotes stenciled on colorful walls. Dorm rooms are painted red, yellow, and blue. There are 5 floors, including a basement, but it’s a surprisingly personal hostel.

If you’re feeling adventurous (and have a bit of money to spend), you can book a room in one of the renovated holding cells. The windows are barred and the furniture fastened to the walls. There’s even the original toilet, now converted into a rather interesting side table. They’re small – you’re not paying for size when booking a jail cell.



  • Perfect location for price. 10 minute walk from Kings Cross/St. Pancras International (with direct trains to Paris!)
  • Wonderful staff
  • A cheap basement bar open until 2am
  • Did I mention it’s in an old courthouse??
  • Clean bathrooms
  • A (usually) working elevator
  • The 24 hour front desk sells everything from towels to adapters to SIM cards
  • They offer free board if you’re an artist/musician. Play to stay
  • A large kitchen and a cheap, buffet style breakfast
  • Lockers that fit even the biggest of travel backpacks
  • Friendly travelers – I’ve met many great friends here that I still keep in touch with!
  • No age limit (minors aren’t allowed in the bar area, but that doesn’t mean they won’t press their noses right up against the glass in their high waisted jeans and oggle at the bar staff).
  • Outlet to bed ratio won’t be in your favor unless you stay in a private, but there are plenty in the common areas
  • The beds are very close together. This didn’t bother me (there are partitions on either side) but, in the hindsight of personal space, you’ve just got your bed.




I’ve stayed here three times (twice in a 10 bed and once in an 8) and will probably stay there again when I return to London someday. If you’re there to have a good time, meet some interesting people and have wonderful adventures (like midnight runs to Platform 9 3/4), it’s a great hostel.

Sometimes they have discount offers when booking direct. Visit their website here.

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