My Travel Bucket List: Countries

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness
– Mark Twain


Maybe I’ll do a little experiment one day and make a tally every time I think about traveling, though I don’t know if there’s enough paper for that. My daydreams include one way plane tickets and misty mountain sunrises. I’ve got the travel bug, and I’ve got it bad. So many places to go, so little time.

I’ve created my own travel bucket list, specifically countries. Hopefully I can start crossing them out soon.

In no particular order:

South Africa
Puerto Rico
South Korea
Czech Republic


If I were completely honest, I could make this list simple and just say everywhere. Every country, every continent. At least once. It’s actually not impossible (read about the amazing woman who actually did it. Yep, you read that right. Every country.), but improbable. I’m a dreamer, and always will be, but some sort of realism keeps me from completely floundering. Of course this list isn’t complete, will probably never be complete, and is always going to change.

I would never be totally opposed to going back to countries like France, Scotland, England, and Hungary. Budapest is already calling me to schedule another visit. Maybe I’ll even walk down memory lane one day and visit the tiny town I call my French home. Who knows? Some places click and some don’t. Cities I thought I would love didn’t seem to agree with me, while others that came from a split second decision ended up being some of the best trips of my life. That’s just travel.




Travel bucket lists are popular – and for good reason. Check out where I got my inspiration from by reading Josie Arana’s awesome travel bucket list. The Telegraph posted a cool article this summer rather morbidly titled the ultimate travel bucket list: 31 things to do before you die. But hey, it’s the truth.

The first time I made this travel list, it ended up becoming a full fledged backpacking itinerary within about 2 hours. Talk about getting sidetracked. Even though I’m not traveling as much as I was a few months ago, these lists don’t depress me; they make me excited for a future that has yet to come.

On a totally unrelated (yet somewhat related) note, is it possible to get to Antarctica if you’re not a scientist? BRB – going to be doing some extensive Google sleuthing.

Everyone’s got to have a travel bucket list. What’s on yours?

13 thoughts on “My Travel Bucket List: Countries

  1. Love this! My current bucket list on my blog only includes things to do and see in Europe. This was my try at realism as it’s more probable to do some of these things while I’m teaching in France. However, there are constantly new places that pop up and I’m like “There!! I need to go there.” I’m afraid if I start creating another list I’ll also end up with various itineraries and plans because the travel bug is real.

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  2. Love that your list of places included places that you wouldn’t regularly see on people’s list! Nepal is on my list, but I am hoping to go through volunteering with children!

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  3. I love bucket lists but have been too scared to create my own travel one because there are SO MANY PLACES TO GO! Maybe now I’ll try to put it all on paper 🙂 It’s definitely possible to go to Antarctica via cruise because I looked it up once and am convinced I really want to go 😀 I think they sail from Chile/Argentina and New Zealand! You don’t have to be a scientist, but I think the cruise is very nature-based!

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  4. Hahaha yes, the struggle of trying not to go overboard with the travel itineraries! I want to go back to France and see some more cities – I got to explore much of the south but nothing in the north other than Paris. There are so many cool French towns and never enough time!! But I know you’ll see some great places this year! Xo


  5. Just like you, I have a bucket list that continues to get longer and longer with each passing year (sometimes even within a few months!). I’ll say that Portugal and Poland were two of my favorite countries I’ve visited in Europe, despite their polarizing differences! Iceland is high on my bucket list, and I hope to make it over this year while in France. Hope you can make it over to some of your destinations soon!

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  6. I can’t wait to go one day and I’m trying hard to make that day sooner rather than later!! Omg, yes please go to Iceland and share all of the wonderful photos you’ll take!! ❤ It's a dream of mine to see the northern lights from there.

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