Kick Ass Hostels: Edinburgh

Kick Ass Hostels. That name certainly has a punch to it, doesn’t it?

Hostels with witty and strange names always seem to attract me. Take, for example, Clink78 or India House. If it’s unique, I’m usually all hands down and Kick Ass Hostels in Edinburgh is certainly one of a kind. Across the street from Edinburgh castle and down the way from the famous Greyfriars Kirk, this hostel’s definitely kicking ass in the 3 main rules of real estate: location, location, location.



  • Not just a great location, but old town location and right off Grassmarket Square
  • Renovated interior
  • Personal outlets & lamps/huge lockers
  • Very clean
  • 24h front desk & helpful staff
  • Cafe on main floor
  • Pick your own bunk!!
  • Plethora of solo female travelers (don’t know if it was this hostel or Edinburgh in general, but I loved it!)


  • Bar closes early
  • Far from Waverley train station (Edinburgh’s only train station)

There were other aspects of my stay that I’d classify as personal cons rather than overall ones. I had the bottom bunk next to the heavy door that slammed at all hours. Earplugs somewhat helped. The hot water went out two days in and I took one hell freezing shower before notices popped up on all the bathroom doors. Of course the hot water isn’t going to give out all the time and if you get a bed far enough away from the door, slamming won’t be a problem.

Even the cons I gave are a bit picky, I’ll admit. The bar/lounge area was large, with pool tables and comfortable booths. I met a really awesome girl my first night who was also from Texas (turns out we even went to high school in neighboring towns – small world, right?) and we were discussing George Orwell over a few pints (because why not). Right before 12am or shortly after it, the lights shut off and the bar staff left us sitting there in the dark. It was nice they didn’t tell us to leave, but we finished our drinks quickly and went back to the room.

The distance from Waverley station isn’t enough to ever deter me from staying there again, but just know that there are plenty of hostels closer to the train station. I made too many wrong turns on my way there – I was excited and Edinburgh was beautiful and I kept finding myself on bridges with no way down. The entire city seems to be on a hill and, to get to Kick Ass Hostels, you’ll have to climb that hill all the way to the top (High Street) and then head right back down. When you’re carrying 50lbs, distance sure does count.

But, if you stay near Waverley, I can bet that your views aren’t going to be like this.


There are witty sketches painted on the walls and signs pointing you everywhere you would need to go: the kitchen, the laundry room, the bar . . .

Chill on the hill underneath Edinburgh castle with a few mouthwatering meals from Pumpkin Brown. Most of the food is totally vegan and health friendly. I’m not necessarily either every day, but I went back around 3 more times because it was so good.

This hostel left me with some pretty great memories. I met some amazing people during my stay, people I’ve even seen back in the States! I made a good choice with Kick Ass Hostels. Would definitely recommend in a heartbeat.

If you book early enough, you can get a bed rate of £7. Talk about a steal.

Check them out for yourself here.

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