My Travel Bucket List: Cities

Usually when I think of traveling, I have a specific destination in mind.

When I started learning French, it was Paris since that was all that I read about in my French language textbooks. The stained glass ceiling of the Galeries Lafayette, the  beautiful Louvre, the strong Arc de Triumph, the magnificent Tour Eiffel . . . it all just seemed so amazing . . . and when I finally made it there around 8 years later, I couldn’t believe it.


So of course cities are going to dominate my travel bucket list. Here are a few:

Havana, Cuba
St. Petersburg, Russia
Reykjavik, Iceland
York, England
Kraków, Poland
Oai, Santorini (Greece!)
Inverness, Scotland
Glastonbury, England
Seoul, South Korea
Perth, Australia
La Paz, Bolivia
Chicago, Illinois
Porto, Portugal
Strasbourg, France
Kronborg, Denmark
Basel, Switzerland
Seville, Spain
Osaka, Japan
Boston, Massachusetts
Sofia, Romania
Istanbul, Turkey

Some of my reasonings aren’t totally traveling inspired. While all of the places on my list are beautiful, the real reason they’re there is actually kind of . . . geeky.

Inverness, Scotland because Jaime Fraser. Not even going to lie about that one. Have you seen Outlander?! Plus, the Scottish Highlands are to die for.

Strasbourg, France because that was where I was supposed to study abroad my final semester of university.

Glastonbury, England because it is said to be the resting place of The Once and Future King Arthur and was the entrance to Avalon. Plus, it’s an absolutely stunning town. I’m a bit of an Arthurian legend junkie. That’s a lie – not a bit. Like a lot.

The castle in Kronborg, Denmark is the real-life inspiration for the setting of Hamlet. (Which is my third favorite Shakespearean play after King Lear and Othello. No comedies for me. Though, I do enjoy A Midsummer Night’s Dream).


Not all of the destinations on my travel bucket list cities are overseas!

Boston, Massachusetts because while New York is the city of American dreams, Boston is the city of American history.

Chicago, Illinois because it’s architecturally beautiful and full of life. I would love to go during St. Patrick’s Day, when they dye the river green. Not just an offhand green, but like an actual bright, Irish green.

There are many cities I see myself returning to in the future: London, England, Budapest, Hungary, and Florence, Italy, just to name a few.

I would love to make it back to Arles or Carcassonne if I ever found myself back in the south of France, even though those aren’t as easy to get to. It’s the same with Sherbrooke, Québec, a little town two hours south of Montréal. Hopefully one day I’ll find myself back there eating some poutine from Le Snack on Rue Wellington.

It’s crazy to think that sometimes what I’m seeing for the first time is also the final time. Only, there’s no way I’ll ever know. And, while it’s sad to think about, I like it that way. It makes me appreciate what I’ve managed to discover as of now.




While you’re at it, check out the first installment of the My Travel Bucket List series: countries.

What’s a city on your bucket list?

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4 thoughts on “My Travel Bucket List: Cities

  1. Krakow, Porto, and Seville are incredibly different, but incredibly beautiful places worth checking out! Osaka is gorgeous, especially with its castle. Next up on my bucket list is Iceland, although time (and money) will tell if I can go! Hope you can at least make it over to the U.S. cities!

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