10 Reasons To Watch Riverdale Even Though The Writers Seem To Pull Every Trick In The Book

Don’t get me wrong, I love Riverdale. It’s filling the void left behind by the end of Vampire Dairies and the hiatus of Game of Thrones, but me and the writers very much have a love/hate relationship.

Riverdale is a modern retelling of the famous Archie Comics, but you’ll have to take into account that the two don’t share much more than character names. It’s great when the writers drop hints to the original, but Riverdale in its own world now – kind of like Alternate Universe fan fiction. An AU fan fiction filled with love, suspense, betrayal, and super attractive actors in their late twenties playing a bunch of high school kids. (Seriously, no one is that pretty in high school.) This time Archie and the gang take on darker adventures, like finding out who killed star quarterback and golden child Jason Blossom.

Here’s my problem with the screenwriting. There’s a few plot twists that are interesting enough, but they’re just thrown at you with no lead up, like you’re expected to just roll with it. Or, you’re supposed to believe this one character for the one thing only they know, which they didn’t feel like sharing solely because they were being an asshat. (But no spoilers please!!)

Certain lines come across as corny rather than sincere (if I get one more feline related joke from Josie and the Pussycats, I swear. . . ) and plot points are just brushed over or seemed to be dropped all together. Like how did Veronica, the bad girl who didn’t care about anyone, become everyone’s BFF in the course of one episode? Polly Cooper, who was a key player for obvious reasons, appears to get knocked off or added on only whenever there’s a lag between the main groupies. Sometimes I feel like there is a lot of unnecessary tension or build up, but that could also be because of the stubbornness in every character and not uniquely the writing style. But also probably because of the writing style. And when you finally do find out who killed Jason Blossom, it’s over just as quickly as it started. There’s really no closure for the audience.

These all just little things, but those little things can make or break a good show. I’m hoping that Riverdale’s one of those series that manages to right itself out in the end because, despite all of the inconsistencies, they’ve still got me hooked.

And let me give you 10 reasons why.

1. The casting director did a pretty awesome job

giphy-downsized (12)

Not only do these character work well on their own, but they’re fun to pair together. I don’t want to skip any scenes. You’re not just watching a bunch of people play friends on screen; they all compliment each other. I mean, I hope they like each other in real life. If they don’t, they sure do an amazing job at faking it.

2. The setting for Pop’s Diner is A++

giphy-downsized (8)

Nothing beats chilling in a good 50s style diner. In a place like Riverdale, where there doesn’t seem to be much more to do other than drink milkshakes and catch murderers, Pop’s diner seems like a cool place to hang out. I’d totally be down.

3. I’m totally digging the costume director too

giphy-downsized (10)

From pearls to tank tops, the characters know how to dress it up and down. Riverdale tip: if you’re doing something that’s possibly illegal, it’s always a good idea to dress to impress.

4. Sometimes it gets pretty real

giphy-downsized (13)

Life isn’t always picture perfect, even on the big screen.

5. There are some great comic relief moments

giphy-downsized (16)

Because if it were just murderers and psychos the entire time, you get tired pretty quick.

6. You can’t always fake on-screen chemistry

giphy-downsized (7)

One word. Bughead. * sighs *

7. Teen angst is still very real, and always will be

giphy-downsized (9)

These teens have a right to be angsty. I mean, with parents that are so shifty and diabolical, it’s a miracle that any of them turned out of be even close to relatively normal.

8. Did I mention the cast yet?

giphy-downsized (15)

Mmmm . . . maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. I don’t remember.

9. It’s not your typical teen drama

giphy-downsized (14)

There’s a few very intense, nail-biting moments. Once second you’ll be chilling on the couch with your ice cream and the next thing you know you’re holding nothing but a spoon in puddle of melted milk and sugar because the show made you forget you were eating ice cream. And I love ice cream.

10. Can I mention the cast one last time?

giphy-downsized (11)

You know . . . just in case that wasn’t already clear.

Who’s your favorite Riverdale character? Mine’s totally not Jughead Jones.

Binge watch the first season on Netflix and tune in every Wednesday on the CW for new episodes.

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