NaNoWriMo 2017 Update

November is always one of those months that always acts like nothing important will happen . . . and then, like, all the important stuff happens at once. 

I hit a funk early, around day 4. Suddenly Friday had gone by, then Saturday, then Sunday, and I still hadn’t even touched my manuscript. At first I was just tired – I’d work on it later. But that ‘later’ kept getting pushed back. I wasn’t really that tired anymore, I just didn’t want to work on it. NaNo hadn’t even really started and I was already slacking.

So, after finishing The Gods of Egypt on HBO for probably the 5th time (not because it’s a good movie, but, omg, Jamie Lannister <3) and starting Shakespeare in Love for the, oh, 50th time (because that is a good movie), I had a burst of inspiration. Or rather, a pick up that laptop and multitask for God’s sake. 

But that same funk just seemed to morph into general craziness. Most writers doing NaNoWriMo aren’t full time writers. We have day jobs, families, class . . . sometimes all three. Sometimes you have to do an impromptu presentation about The Portrait of Dorian Gray but you haven’t gotten around to reading The Portrait of Dorian Gray, so you have to read the entire book that night in order to lead a 30 minute discussion so maybe you reach out for some aid from a savior named SparkNotes. Just life, you know.

November has been an interesting month. The goal is to have some sort of manuscript by December 1st but, knowing me, it probably isn’t going to be what I set out to finish in October.

I’m a bit behind, but still crawling closer to that finish line. Does my manuscript make any sense? No, not really. I have some good lines and I have a lot of really bad lines. But I’m getting the words out there. Writing isn’t always so easy. Well, I should also say that finding the time to write isn’t always so easy.

Word count as of today: 24,054


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