My Travel Bucket List: Souvenirs

I’m trying not to be as materialistic anymore . . . but that doesn’t necessarily mean I totally dislike buying things I probably shouldn’t spend my money on. I’m still working on it. 

When you live a nomadic lifestyle, having a bunch of crap to carry with you from place to place is as unrealistic as it is physically taxing. But I have this dream of filling my home with things from all over the world. Maybe shelves lined with books in different languages . . . prints and tapestries on the walls . . . small trinkets and colorful ceramic pots along the windowsill. My future home probably looks like something that has been moge-podged out of too many World Market magazines. There’s the travel theme, but then there’s the actual international feel. Though, not going to lie, I’ve been contemplating whether or not to buy one of those maps you can scratch off like a lottery ticket.

So weight and portableness aside, what are some of the things I would bring back?

A leather journal from Florence

A handmade journal from Florence with those little strip ties is what writers dream about at night.

Some rose salt from France

Salt + roses? Yes, please.

A string of prayer flags from Nepal

Everest photos may or may not be included.

A gryffindor jumper from Universal Studios Harry Potter

Because my life will never be complete until I snuggle up full house pride while sipping homemade butterbeer fireside. #nerdgoals

Something carved from Thailand

It doesn’t have to be big. Sometimes the smaller the carving, the more intricate it can be.

A Jade necklace from New Zealand

Turns out, jade is native to southern New Zealand. And just take a look at those pendants.

Venetian glass


So I can embrace my wine addiction in style.

Decorative pottery from Mexico

They’re just so bright and colorful.

A letter opener from Toledo


Toledo has been a sword-making hub since about 500 BC. The letter openers are also made from the famous light and durable steel.

Not going to lie here, I would totally take a sword if I could, but I feel like that would be a bit hard to get through customs. So I’ll just stick with the letter opener. I open letters like I have claws instead of fingers, so I would definitely get lots of use out of it.

Everything tea related from China

If you’ve been around a while, you’ll already know I absolutely love English Breakfast. In fact, I just love tea in general. I guess that tea isn’t the best souvenir, as everything edible has the tendency to disappear eventually, but I couldn’t imagine going to China and coming back without it.

Help me build my bucket list! What are some of the coolest souvenirs you’ve found abroad?

Check out the rest of my Travel Bucket List series with countries and cities.

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