3 European Hostels That Are So Good, I’ve Gone Back

Clink78 – London


I love Clink78. Like, I love it so much that I dream about them having an opening so I can stay.

I don’t know what it is about Clink78, but it keeps calling me back. I’ve stayed here five times (pretty soon to be seven)! It’s clean. It’s in a wonderful location (5 minutes from Kings X is hard to beat). There’s an basement bar and the lounge areas are in historic court rooms. It’s old, unique, and has spectacular discounts when you book direct. Plus, I always meet amazing people and make great memories at Clink.

However, I’m biased because I have a gigantic crush on London. Like, I could talk to no one the entire day and just be perfectly content walking around London . . . I guess I’m also biased because I’ve never actually stayed at another hostel while there. But I don’t want to.

Kick Ass Hostels – Edinburgh

I stayed in room 301

I thought about shopping around, but changed my mind. I had a few friends working/staying in other hostels around the city, so I’ve had a tour of the hopping Edinburgh hostels. But I’ll still go with Kick Ass Hostels any day. Every time you walk out the front doors you’re greeted to a spectacular views of Old Town. I would get some take away and chill out for hours on the hill underneath the castle.

The rooms are spacious, the showers are clean, and the beds have their own outlet (score!!). You even get to pick what bed you want to sleep in. My experience there was great, even when the hot water went out for a few days. Yeah, that wasn’t the best, but it still didn’t put me off. When you travel long enough, you realize shit just happens whenever shit wants to happen.

Th only thing about this hostel is that it doesn’t offer breakfast. There’s a cafe downstairs that I get my morning tea at. I’m not a huge breakfast person anyway, so it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Clearly. And don’t worry, the entire hostel isn’t purple. Every floor is a different color, of course.

St. Christopher’s Gare Du Nord – Paris


Beds with individual privacy curtains?? Once I found St. Christopher’s Gare Du Nord, I never wanted to leave.

I have a friend who swore by St. Christopher’s and has only stayed in their hostels while traveling. I see why. But, not going to lie, St. Christopher’s is on the more expensive side. However, unlike London, it took me about three tries to find one in Paris I actually liked. Paris is Paris – very expensive. You get what you pay for, even if that means forking over a few extra euros for a nicer and safer hostel.

I’ve made friends here that I’ve already met up with, both on and off European soil. One moved to London, so I’ll be seeing her again this summer.

Want to make friends quickly? Go backpacking.


While I have my trusty hostels that are my homes away from home, do you have any recommendations? What hostels do you swear by?

3 thoughts on “3 European Hostels That Are So Good, I’ve Gone Back

  1. Although I don’t use hostels as much anymore, I remember the ones I stayed in in Lisbon (Alfama Patio Hostel), Marseille (Vertigo Hostel Vieux Port), and Krakow (Mosquito Hostel) to be my memorable Top 3! I’ve also stayed in St. Christopher’s– Gare du Nord, although I found it to be a just-okay experience…perhaps I’ll try hostels again in my upcoming trips!

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  2. I stayed in Vertigo! Loved it. I’ll have to try out the one in Lisbon.

    The wonderful staff really sold me to Clink78 and Kick Ass Hostels. I didn’t have much interaction with staff at Gare du Nord. I think what made it memorable was the fact I met so many cool people. That, and it is very close to the metro 🙂

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