Europe, Here I Come! Here’s My 2018 Summer Backpacking Itinerary

I knew that when I left last year, it wouldn’t be for very long. 

As of now, it hasn’t been exactly a year yet. However, when I head out with my backpack this summer, it will be a year and three days since I last stepped foot in Europe (not that I have been counting).

Within hours of landing back in the U.S. (to be honest, the car ride home), I was already thinking about how I was going to get back. When would I be able to leave? How long could I be gone for? Where would I go?

I already know I have a serious wanderlust problem, so it’s alright 🙂 

What’s the best part about teaching? Paid vacations. It’s like I never really left school – I still have to go to all the classes, I still have to do my homework, and I still get to take all those vacations.

So, let’s cut to the chase already. Where am I going?

London –


– Belfast – Edinburgh –


– London – Paris –


Le 14 Juillet, La Fête Nationale!


– Madrid – Barcelona – Porto – Lisbon

I’ve got lots of new places planned, so that mean lots of new photos. If you have any recommendations, help out a fellow traveler! This summer’s going to be packed full of hostels, exploring, and adventure. Any thoughts, tips, or travel tricks?? Let me know!!

Anyone else going to be in Europe this summer?


8 thoughts on “Europe, Here I Come! Here’s My 2018 Summer Backpacking Itinerary

  1. Sounds like the perfect itinerary for Europe! With the exception of Belfast, I can vouch for the rest of the cities to be incredible– I especially loved Portugal, and I’m sure you’ll have fun there. Sadly, I’ll be back in the States for the summer, but I’ll live vicariously through your adventures!

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