Travel Essentials: Hostels

Thinking about going traveling for a while? (Aren’t we all, though?) If so, hostels are an amazing (and cheap!) place to stay while exploring the world. Have adventures, make friends, and live in the center of the city for a while. Hostels hopping is the only way to really forget everything and just see the world.

Whether your a first timer or a veteran, here’s a few things you should always have on your list of hostel essentials. Taking away the obvious, such as toiletries and clothes, I always make sure to pack:


You may not snore . . . but someone else will.

Something to sleep in that has pockets

Keep things on you for easy access, that way you’re not shuffling around the sheets in the dark when you need to leave.


Microfiber Towel

They dry quickly and don’t take up too much space. It’s every traveler’s towel dream.

Trusty Flipy Flopies

Hostel bathrooms + bare feet = 🤢

Locks (that don’t require a key)

Because once you lose that key, the hostel will have to absolutely destroy the locker in order to get it open. And that’s just awkward for everyone involved . . . trust me . . .

A Day Bag

You’re not going to want to take your 40L bag with you out on the town.

Some Change

Most hostel bars don’t take cards. They may have an ATM, but it will be heavily taxed.


Did I forget something? What do you always have on your hostel essentials list?

Until next time,



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