Photobook: All the Poutine I Ate in My Two Week Winter Trip to Canada

Over the 2019-2020 winter break, we hopped in a car in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and ended up crossing the Canadian border two days later (a story for another post). My Candian bucket list truly only consited of one thing: poutine.

If you’ve never heard of poutine, I am so exctied to welcome you to one of the best dishes on the planet. Imagine crispy fries, savory gravy, gooey cheese curds, and practically anything else you want on top. Voila! Poutine! 

This lovely dish came from in the Canadian province of Quebec in the late 1950s. Since we were splitting our road trip between Quebec and Ontario, I knew I only had limited time to get my fill – and that I did. Almost.

Here are the glorious dishes I had.


@Poutine La Banquise in Montreal, Quebec. We waited about an hour in the freezing cold for a seat. Was totally worth it.


@Les Trios Garçons in Quebec City, Quebec. Onion ring on top, yes please!



@Chez Gaston – also in Quebec City, Quebec. More onion rings? Veggies? Oh my! This place was also the one place that they didn’t switch to English on me after hearing my thick accent. Merci mille fois! 


@Le Chic Shack – also also in Quebec City, Quebec. This potuine was more artisan and they had maple chips (so yummy) and milkshakes on their menu. Le Chic Shack is at the foot of the famous Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. Great food and lovely views!


@The Food Truck That Sold Ice Cream and Desert Poutine on New Years Eve – lastly also in Quebec City, Quebec. Yep, we had ice cream while bundled head to toe and out in the streets of Quebec to celebrate New Year’s Eve. My “poutine” was made of churros and a chocolate sauce that froze in five minutes. My shoes were filled with water by the end of the night. I was not prepared for the harshness of mother nature, but the poutine wasn’t bad while hot.

Oh poutine, until next time. Hopefully that next time won’t be so long.

Au revoir! 


2 thoughts on “Photobook: All the Poutine I Ate in My Two Week Winter Trip to Canada

  1. I see what you did there: “oh, poutine/oh, putain” haha. I’ve only had poutine a handful of times, none of them in Canada. Makes me wonder if the “authentic” poutine in its country of origin is a lot different from the ones I’ve had in the US and France. Guess I’ll have to go to Canada to find out!

    PS I was absolutely drooling at your poutine photos. The dessert one you had sounds incredibly unique!


  2. The only really good thing in poutine are the bits of couic couic cheese, but even in Quebec you don’t often find them. La Banquise, certainly the best address in Montreal, open 24/7 to avoid the line at everybody’s time.


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