Photobook: Lyon, France

I haven’t been to Lyon in a few years, but I still think about it. Continue reading “Photobook: Lyon, France”

Tu Me Manques, Paris

It’s been just over two years since I last saw The City of Lights and, not going to lie, I’ve been dreaming about being able to wander Parisian streets again. Continue reading “Tu Me Manques, Paris”

Photobook: Paris, France

I’ve been to many beautiful cities, but Paris takes the lead as one of the most photogenic.  Continue reading “Photobook: Paris, France”

French Artists Worth Listening To Who Aren’t Stromae

What I’ve loved most about learning a new language is that not only does it connect you to millions of people, it also leads to the discovery of an entirely different world – a world filled with music. Continue reading “French Artists Worth Listening To Who Aren’t Stromae”


The American’s Guide To French Coffee

My Ode to Coffee

Oh, coffee

How I love you  Continue reading “The American’s Guide To French Coffee”

Le Castellet

Le Castellet is a medieval French citadel overlooking the beautiful rolling southern hills of Provence. What else is there to love?  Continue reading “Le Castellet”

An Evening In Paris

Paris is definitely a city filled with adventure. Continue reading “An Evening In Paris”

Photobook: Château De Versailles

Marble statues, colorful apartments, beautiful frescos, vibrant gardens, glittering gold walls . . . what doesn’t the Château de Versailles have? Continue reading “Photobook: Château De Versailles”

Parisian Hostel Life

I’ve stayed at 3 Paris hostels, all in different neighborhoods. Continue reading “Parisian Hostel Life”

La Ciotat

Whenever someone asks where I live and I say “La Ciotat,” they usually say “is that even French? It doesn’t sound like it.”

Sometimes even the French don’t believe me.  Continue reading “La Ciotat”


I’ve been to Toulon a few times now, once as my destination and the other times as a transfer. It’s a train hub whether you’re going north or south. Continue reading “Toulon”

10 Things That I Won’t Miss About France & 10 Things That I Will

It’s crazy to think that I’ll only be in France for about two more weeks. Continue reading “10 Things That I Won’t Miss About France & 10 Things That I Will”