Inverness Student Hostel – Scotland

To travel from London to Inverness, I decided to book a room on the overnight Caledonian Sleeper. Continue reading “Inverness Student Hostel – Scotland”

Le Village Hostel Montmartre: Paris

You’re heading to Paris, but you have no idea where to stay. Continue reading “Le Village Hostel Montmartre: Paris”

India House Hostel: New Orleans

New Orleans. The land filled with history, culture, alcohol, the supernatural, and everything creole. Continue reading “India House Hostel: New Orleans”

Kick Ass Hostels: Edinburgh

Kick Ass Hostels. That name certainly has a punch to it, doesn’t it? Continue reading “Kick Ass Hostels: Edinburgh”

Clink78: London

London is an amazing city, so it’s only right that you should find an amazing hostel. Continue reading “Clink78: London”

Parisian Hostel Life

I’ve stayed at 3 Paris hostels, all in different neighborhoods. Continue reading “Parisian Hostel Life”

8 Tips For Staying In A Hostel

1) Keep an open mind.

It’s a hostel, not a hotel, and one letter can make that much of a difference. Continue reading “8 Tips For Staying In A Hostel”