French Artists Worth Listening To Who Aren’t Stromae

What I’ve loved most about learning a new language is that not only does it connect you to millions of people, it also leads to the discovery of an entirely different world – a world filled with music. Continue reading “French Artists Worth Listening To Who Aren’t Stromae”

The American’s Guide To French Coffee

My Ode to Coffee

Oh, coffee

How I love you  Continue reading “The American’s Guide To French Coffee”

My 5 Favorite ESL Activities For High School

I have found many ESL games and sample lesson plans through my extensive online searching; however, many of them are catered towards the primary and middle school levels and I struggled to come up with things that would keep a bunch of rowdy fifteen-year-olds entertained. Continue reading “My 5 Favorite ESL Activities For High School”

A Typical Day As An ESL Assistant

I graduated college to time travel into the past and go back to high school. Only this time, I really have to stay on top of my homework.

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5 Ways to Speak French Like A Native

By following these 5 rules, there’s no way anyone will know it’s not your first language.

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Teaching English As A Second Language

If you want to travel and get a job abroad, teaching English is one of the easiest ways to do so. Continue reading “Teaching English As A Second Language”